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Three broad areas of lifestyle, Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindfulness, were identified in the Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study (COS) as important in preventing, managing, and to some extent, treating arthritis and most diseases of aging. All have been linked to improved quality of life and have become the foundation of the programs offered by the Aging & Wellness Institute.

The Aging & Wellness Institute (AWI) now utilizes a three-prong approach to improving overall health by offering weekly Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindfulness (Yoga) classes taught by credentialed instructors. Classes are offered onsite in a pleasant environment which provides a natural opportunity for socialization. We require that all "members" attend at least one of each class type weekly.


An 80 year old female previously had issues dealing with pain created by her osteoarthritis, knee injections, and shoulder replacement. Through our exercise "Functional Fitness" program she has been able to reduce the pain that she had previously endured while improving her overall heath. She no longer needs to take regular anti-inflammatory medicine.


The mission of the Aging & Wellness Institute (AWI) is to promote a longer life, a healthier life, and an independent life utilizing a research-based, three-pronged approach to wellness.
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